Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oh! What a beautiful morning!

11:45 AM.
Just now I finished sweeping and mopping my room after three months!
What a beautiful Sunday Morning!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Good Morning Starshine

Saturday morning. Its unusual to wake up so early at 7:30 AM! With cup of black tea I came to my veranda. Mild sun rays flowing over the fruit-bearing Palash tree is caressing the floor of the balcony. I remembered one song. I played the song on my desktop.
"Good Morning Starshine!"
With the song came the artist's credit. It is Oliver (I don't know the authenticity of this information but I know this is from a musical called 'Hair'). That reminded me of the movie 'Oliver!' I watched on TV couple of months ago during one of week long holidays at home. I liked the movie for wonderfully spirited choreography. That TV channel (Sony PIX) was running a series on orphan movies, and 'Oliver!' was followed by another charmer, 'Annie'. I had planned to write a review on them, But eventually forgot.
After a long time, almost three months, I am at my room on a Saturday and have not planned yet to go out on tour. Yesterday I was just thinking to go out on Saturday to the city of Pune and have some nice montages on my new camera. I postponed the plan for one more day and started to write on 'Oliver!' and 'Annie'.

Here they are.
The Orphan Story Part - I
The Orphan Story Part - II

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

21 she February

Today is 21st February. The Language Martyr Day. It is the day when the common people of Bangladesh came to streets with demand of making Bengali, their native language the national language instead of Urdu. Few Bengalis still get emotional, few more get proud of their Bengali origin on this day. The reason is very simple, this kind of martyrdom for a mere language was unprecedented, and we did it! YO! And that is a one-day pride. From next day onwards we again feel sorry for our mother tongue. What a pity!
In today's world English is the most dominating language. Though Bengali is believed to be one of the sweetest languages, it is ultimately confined as a regional language only. And the Bengali speaking population is decreasing day by day. The future of Bengali is bleak.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Back again

Finally I'm back on my seat! It had been long and winding tour for almost a month. My room is filled with cobwebs, my computer is covered with dust. The air inside is stuffy. The bed sheet covering my bed has a visible layer of dust on it. My veranda also filled with dust and flying Palash (Flame of the forest) seeds. The Palash trees in front of my veranda are now full of fruits. A bunch of parrots are loitering on them. The seeds ejected from fruits have covered my veranda.
Its all dirty and dusty. Still its good to be back.