Wednesday, September 10, 2008

End of the world ...

God was pissed off and so he brought forth a catastrophic flood to eliminate mankind and start over.
Equally pissed off was Brahma, and then he did the same thing.
So was every God in every culture

Archeologists and historians say, not everything is myth. Deluge had swept the world and changed the course of history and evolution.

Apparently, be it Gods or be it Nature, flooding is the easiest way of getting rid of a rotten civilization. Just like washing a bowl of rotten curry. No wonder "righteous" men, sorry, persons in every decade had been foreseeing Doomsday deluges to wash away all the sins of mankind in the then near future. And the people around the world has already began preparations for latest Doomsday!
Now lets think what's happening around the world now. Catastrophic flood in India, UK and US (well, not flood in US but a series of hurricanes and flood in Haiti). So disaster has struck all part of the world at the same time. Don't you get the feeling that the Doomsday is nearing? Not yet?
OK, so let me tell you one more thing. Some "guys" are trying to simulate the creation of world. They are trying to play God. So why God won't be pissed off again?
The days of our lives are over ...

There are never a dearth of skeptics. I came across this piece of old news while reading an article on CERN's ground-breaking experiment, the largest physics experiment of the century, may be the most important, too. The lawsuit is probably a very good example of what and how an idle brain works!

An interesting comic strip from user friendly on April 01 is below.

The interesting discussion here reminded me of the old Kingston Trio song "Merry Minuet".

Friday, September 05, 2008

Google again

Just couple of months ago when that privacy law suit against Google was underway, the official Google blog had this post, explaining why Google prefers to be lean and why it doesn't hesitate to drop their name from their front page to accommodate the privacy link without increasing the word count. So much for lean and thin. Now they have nine extra words there to promote Chrome, which was "open source and free" browser with Google having virtual royalty-free full access on every damn thing built on it!

No harm done!