Thursday, March 01, 2007

Vegetable Story

I was in the vegetable market after office. Bright white radish, shining cauliflowers, green peas, cabbages were abundant. The winter isn't over yet. But now at least at Pune you can't guess the season from the vegetable available at the market.
I remember in our childhood winter was usually marked by arrival of cauliflower and coriander leaves. We used to devour the cauliflower curry spiced up with green coriander leaves and peas. Cauliflower used to be one of my favourite vegetables. So was beet. But now I eat cauliflower throughout the week. Not only cauliflower, almost all the vegetables are available throughout the week. They doesn't seem so tasty now. Now-a-days when I go to market, I try to avoid cauliflower, cabbages, beet, gourd, tomato, spinach as they are very common. But then what is left? Sometimes I get tired of having the same set of vegetables in the market. The evergreen presence of the seasonal vegetables have stripped the taste and charm out of them. They are now as ordinary as potato.
Although, I dare not say potato is a ordinary vegetable. It is one of the prime vegetable in our dishes. Its a filler in every dishes. Just like a piano or accordion playing behind a songs fils the void, potato completes the curry. It used to be one of the cheapest vegetables. Now prices are rising. But still it is one of those few vegetable which the poormost category of vegetable buyer (considering the fact that poormost part of the society can't buy a single thing on a regular basis except country liquor or bidi) buy on a regular basis. I think after the food grains like rice or wheat, potato is the most popular vegetable in our country. But as it is too common, its presence is never felt unless the price soars high all of a sudden. Similar things are happening for other vegetables also. They are becoming season independent.
On a hot summer day cauliflower doesn't delight me now, nor do patol in winter night.
I miss old vegetables.

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