Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Education - Preschool

In our office, we have a man, who has started a pre-school in a locality where most of the residents are not able to pay fees of a pre-school. It is not an amazing deed or astonishing fact, but very very commendable, though. The fact that is more straiking is that the man has a bad reputation in office for being lazy and avoiding official responsibilities and thrifty. I am not a close one with him, in fact, I hardly know him. So I don't have any opinion regarding his persona.
This evening, I met him in a common friend's house. He kept on talking about his school, his endeavor, his wife, who is the backbone of his efforts. His wife is now running the pre-school with two other employees and giving education to a lot of 33 kids. The school is runnning for just two months. He was confident, he'll be able to persue the riches of this locality to have thier kids in his school and show that good education can be given at low price.
This seems a good approach!
Education today has become a booming industry. I have read in old novels - teachers were the poor lot, may be just thirty years back. In fact almost half a century ago from earning point of view teaching was equivalent to a profession of porter or rickshaw-puller! Now, one of my friends had started a coaching class for competetive and aptitude examinations after completing his graduation in engineering. He is now earning more money than many of us. It is a lucrative profession now. The most important aspect of teaching in an institution is that one can earn good money without actually avoiding responsibility if he can tackle his conscience. You get a good salary, you teach a class, you don't bother who is learning, who is not.
The most vital point is that you cannot bypass this education industry. You have to have a stamp - a degree, or a certificate, or you are out of the race. Very few have the guts to defy the importance of formal education, sorry, rather - formality of a stamp of education. There are institutions, where you can get a degree by just paying a negotiable amount! The sad part is that without that sheet of paper stating that this fellow is educated, an education has hardly any value to an individual.
There are few noteworthy human beings, who had defied the formal education system and curved a niche in society. But in most of the cases, they avoided formal education not by choice, but by circumstances. The point I am trying to show is that formal education has a very big dominating effect on society. It is hard to avoid it. And this is the aspect the opportunists are exploiting. They've made an industry out of it. You pay money, you'll be certified as educated; don't bother what education means or what education is.

Lets hope, our colleague can keep up his spirits.

But then how much is the need of a pre-school for a kid to grow up?

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