Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sunshine on my shoulder - Rain on my back!

There should be a limit! I'm talking about the whimsical mother Nature. It started raining again. For last two months there had been almost a continuous downpour. No sunshine.
Finally last monday I was overjoyed to see the Sun peeping through the gloomy clouds; and today morning when I woke up, my veranda was bathing in cheerful sunshine. Amazing. Glittering greenery greeted me. Everything outside seemd to be rejoicing in harmony. With my cup of tea, I watched the schoolvan coming and picking up children from the neighbouring houses, the milkman coming on his noisy bicycle followed the newspaper hawkers. Everything in a rythm that was missing for last couple of months; or may be my vision was too clouded to discover the rythm.
'Sunshine on my shoulder, makes me happy ...' I never realized that sunshine was so sweet! It was a great start for the day; and morning shows the day.
Sometimes proverbs fail so miserably that we feel dejected for ourselves. The Nature changed its mood in an exponential pace! The clouds overpowerd the Orb before noon and in the evening - the usual drizzling.
Now its almost evening. My veranda is all wet from rain. I am sitting in front of the window, watching the gloomy ruthless Nature. Walls of my room are still damp. The damp smell sometime strangles me. This is where the genesis of pessimism lies.
To hell with rain ...

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