Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sunshine on my shoulder ...

It was a long cold winter.

Its so easy to blame on the weather, as if I didn't blog because weather ruined my mood!
Yes, true that there were plenty of dull days when I woke up under a cludy sky with chilly wind or occasional drizzles and felt so spiritless that wished if I could sleep again. But there were some good sunny not so windy days, too. Its great to see the bright sunlight in the morning. Had I not experienced day after day of overcast weather, I could nto possibly realize the warmth sunrays carry!
Officially spring has begun couple of week ago. But today I felt the spring. Its been keeping sunny for last couple of days, but today was different. I don't know why. I skipped the class, walked my way to the lab smelling hitherto unsmelt fragrance of spring coming out of dry green grass. Its a different smell. Just as the smell of first rain has a different flavour, so has the smell of first spring day. Everything was bright and colorful and cheering.
I sang a tagore song to my way to the lab ... 'Who will take me out, breaking locks of my captivity...'
My lab is a closed room, not a single window. Lets get out of this room, at least for today's sake ...

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